Signs You Have High Functioning Anxiety

Anxiety is often linked to someone who deals with weak emotions and more often than not, they’re left cuddled in their bed. However, not all anxiety disorders are the same. Subconsciously, you might be experiencing a high functioning anxiety disorder.

This type of anxiety means that you’re still living your everyday life that seems normal, yet they still struggle with unwanted anxiety. But just because you’re able to keep pushing on, doesn’t mean that you need to be stuck with these anxious feelings. Those with high-functioning anxiety deserves to be treated just as much as those who appears more affected.

A person who experiences functional anxiety experiences being able to move through daily activities without the burden of constant, severe anxiety. They’re able to engage in life activities without the effects of anxiety being overly obvious. In fact, they appear calm and collected. But over time, their anxiety will start showing in the forms of nervous ticks, perfectionism, over-achieving or controlling.

So here are 6 signs that you might have high-functioning anxiety that you didn’t know!

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1. You Focus On Perfection

You’re constantly striving for perfection. There’s nothing wrong with seeking for perfection, but you should be hearing warning bells when you’re being too perfect. You’re not just being perfect with work, but also within your family and personal relationships.

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2. You Can Never Take A Breather

Self-care is important, but it can feel difficult to focus on your health when you have so much in your mind. Low-level, constant anxiety may result in you being unable to relax and ‘let go’. Whether staying busy with work, home tasks or exercise, the continuous anxiety results in the inability to relax.

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3. You Seek Reassurance

Someone with functioning anxiety often needs others to help them think rationally. Many people will seek reassurance from themselves or other that their fears are irrational, not possible and not likely or they will seek a reminder that they are safe.

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4. You Have An Obvious Tick

Your anxiety could also turn into nervous habits. You bite your nails, chew your lip, tap your feet or some other tick that is the way you release the anxiety brewing beneath the surface.

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5. You’re Avoiding Your Own Thoughts

Because the anxious thoughts are uncomfortable and bother you throughout the day, many people will go out of their way to avoid their own thoughts. They often try to distract themselves from their thoughts, but it’ll still keep coming back.

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6. People Can’t Read You

Keeping your anxiety to yourself can mean that others might have a harder time trying to understand you. This is because you are hiding your true emotions and burying them. You put on a strong front, but eventually the bottled up emotions will come out.